Tuesday, 5 February 2019

want to lose weight

There are two types of ketogenic diets, one of them rich in fats, which is especially indicated for children suffering from epilepsy and another rich in proteins, but low in carbohydrates and carbohydrates https://foodsocietyx.com, indicated for people who want to lose weight.

The objective of this diet is for the body to use the so-called ketones as the main source of energy and not carbohydrates. Ketones are organic compounds that occur naturally during the metabolism of foods, capable of decomposing.

hydrates and potentiate

In addition they do not teach to eat, but also demonize the hydrates and potentiate that myth that circulates there that the hydrates are not good, or get fat. Nor do I find it easy to carry, given the pace of life we ​​lead and the society in which we live or the culture we have (everything is held on a table with a knife and fork).

It is not necessary to go through that bad time, which can also lead to frustration due to non-compliance, with its consequent anxiety and even compulsive bingeing. And much less when, with a healthy hypocaloric diet and without restrictions https://fitcrasher.com, we can obtain the same result and achieve the objective equally https://fitcrasher.com.